Abel’s Testimony

14th December 2017

ABEL MWANSA Born in Lubumbashi on April 3, 2001, I am the first born of eight kids, with six girls and two boys. When I heard about the Center, I was eager to attend programs and learn because my family…

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On Malaika’s Community Center

7th December 2017

Such a joy to see the impact of our community center with FIFA. I remember when we started having the conversation about a potential collaboration over the phone, then meetings and eventually going to the DRC and building this center…

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Joelle’s Testimony

30th November 2017

JOELLE MWANZA KILAMBE I was born in Likasi, outside of Lubumbashi, on February 19, 1999 to my father, Kabangala, and mother, Kalenga. When I was three, my father passed away and my life was forever changed. I came to know…

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Fairport Convention and the Malaika Choir

8th November 2017

On October 24th, many gathered for a night of beautiful songs at the stunning Gloucester Cathedral. We are very grateful to Andrew Marshall for organizing this concert, the third one he has put on to raise funds and awareness of Malaika's work…

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A Visit from the Young Working Ladies

1st November 2017

The Malaika girls took a break from the books and had the wonderful opportunity to attend workshops held by the Young Working Ladies, founded by Noella Kalambayi. Their goal is to empower young women through vocational and entrepreneurial training, emphasizing…

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The Final Miles: #bikeforafrica

19th October 2017

On October 13, 20 bikers made their final trek to Brooklyn as part of the #bikeforafrica campaign, created by Brussels Airlines and They started at Niagara Falls and arrived in New York City after 6 days, biking a total of 400…

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