Introducing Audience

4th November 2016

"Hi I'm Audience and I'm in 6th grade!" Audience was a part of the inaugural class at the Malaika School and has grown immensely since she joined us. She has made very good grades and continues to be an active…

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Introducing Tendresse

28th October 2016

  "Hello my name is Tendresse and I am in 1st Grade" Tendresse is a first grade student at the Malaika School. She received very high marks on her exams last year, totalling 92.5%. In her classes she takes part…

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Introducing Amielle

19th October 2016

    “Hello my name is Amielle and I am in the 1st grade…” Amielle has been a remarkable student at the Malaika School. She has expressed great interest in languages and excels in her French classes. Her exam scores…

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Introducing Scolastique

9th October 2016

  Hello, my name is Scolastique and I am in the 4th grade. I love going to school and seeing my teachers and friends. Scolastique is one of our top students. Consistently making marks in the 90th percentile and showing…

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Introducing Antoinette

1st September 2016

Hi, I’m Antoinette. I’m a student at Malaika and am 8 years old. My mom leaves for work in the field at 8AM and comes home at noon. My father works with bricks in a different neighborhood. I have an…

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Introducing Anna Wa Kingomb

18th August 2016

"Hi, I’m Anna and I’m 9 years old. It’s just me, my three big sisters, one little brother, and my mom; my father died when I was young. Two of them work at Shalina, and the other goes to school. Neighbors help us…

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