Françine Kabambwe Nkulu: “I want my daughter to study and finish her studies”

It is thanks to the support of Malaika’s determined mothers that our students can pursue their education without limitations. In this video, Françine, mother of 6th Grade student Frida, reflects on how coming to Malaika has made a positive impact to both of their lives.

I’m Frida Katongo’s mother. The first time we came with her to Malaika, we were given uniforms for free. Whe she started school, she told us that they had breakfast in the morning and lunch at noon which meant my child got to eat twice a day. We were also given soaps and body lotion. I thank Malaika for the way she started.

As Malaika is growing up, Frida is also starting to think like a grown-up. She studies French and English very well, so she has become independent. Thank you so much for giving us Malaika. We were happy in the beginning and we’re still so happy. I want Frida to study and finish her studies, find a job and also help Malaika and the whole community.