Officially launching Malaika’s technical program!

Our goal at Malaika is to listen to our community about their needs and provide them with the tools they need to sustainably work toward the change they want. 

We’re beyond excited to have officially launched our new technical program in partnership with Caterpillar Foundation at the end of last month!

On June 28, just after our very own Founder & CEO Noella arrived in Kalebuka, we gathered with current students, representatives from Caterpillar Foundation including President Asha Varghese and Group President Denise Johnson, as well as the governor of Haut Katanga province and the CEO of Congo Equipment, and the entire Malaika community. 

This new collaborative program represents huge opportunity for young women and men seeking to lift up themselves and their community. They’re learning highly marketable skills on real equipment from knowledgeable staff, paving the way for them to find work as electricians and mechanics or start their own businesses. This program has been years in the making, and we’re incredibly proud of the learning that is already taking place, and the strong female representation in the classes. 

We look forward to our initial cohort of 80 students completing their respective courses and seeing the inevitable ripple effects of this life-changing initiative! Learn more about our technical program here.