Malaika’s staff lies at the heart of everything we do. We employ a 100% local, Congolese team on the ground, supported by a small international team and an army of pro-bono volunteers around the world.

School Staff

Achille Kabongo
English Teacher
Kabongo Achille is an English Teacher at the Malaika School. After teaching at the Community Center where he supplemented and strengthened the education of young Congolese boys and girls, he began teaching at the school in 2020. In his free time Achille enjoys football.
Adrille Kibombe Kisula
Kibombe Kisula Adrille, is the nurse at Malaika and has obtained her nursing diploma in 2015 at the ITM ONESS. Outside of work Adrille enjoys music.
Alain Mbayo Kadiata
French Teacher
Mbayo Kadiata Alain teaches French at the Malaika school. He is originally from Sampuse and completed his studies at the Superior Pedagogical Institute (ISP) in Lubumbashi, earning a degree in French and African languages. Outside of teaching, Alain loves to practice sports, especially football.
Bavon Musabila Ngeleka
Year 6 Teacher, Primary
Musabila Ngeleka Bavon is the Year Six Primary school teacher at Malaika. Bavon is an experienced primary school teacher with over 20 years of experience. Along with his teaching experience, Bavon brings to the Malaika School his desire to contribute to the building of this generation through education by helping the girls gain scientific and social knowledge. Bavon is from Lubumbashi, received his degree from CIDEP University and is married with five children. Apart from teaching, Bavon loves sports, especially football.
Benjamin Yumba
Art Teacher
Charlaine Mamba Faila
Assistant IT Teacher
Charlaine Mamba Faila joined the Malaika team at the end of 2020 as an IT teacher. She brings a strong background in and passion for mathematics and science to the staff, including a bachelor’s degree in computer science / information systems engineering from the Protestant University of Lubumbashi. She is motivated to pass along the knowledge she has acquired throughout her academic career and also to learn and add more to her domain of knowledge. She wants to provide local Congolese girls with quality training in science and the desire to do more in the future, regardless of their background.
Donat Tshisuaka Mukendi
IT Teacher
Tshiswaka Mukendi Donat, has a bachelor’s degree in computer network and telecommunications. He is an IT teacher at Malaika School and Community Center and has a true passion for technologies. Donat truly enjoys teaching the girls about new technologies as they are always eager and interested to learn.
Eric Kabamba
Year 4 Teacher, Primary
Kabamba Mutombo Eric is the Year Four Primary teacher at Malaika. He has a state degree in general education and has been with Malaika since 2014. For the moment, Eric lives in Lubumbashi, apart from teaching, he enjoys playing football and reading.
Etienne Muyumba
Year 3 Teacher, Primary
Muyumba Kahozi Etienne is the Year Three Primary teacher and has been with Malaika since 2013. He has a passion for reading and the French language and wants to share this with the girls at the school. Etienne wants to provide the students with the tools and confidence needed to communicate, speak up, and be heard no matter where there future takes them. Etienne loves to travel and discover the world.
Eugenie Mwape
Year 2 Teacher
Kitonge Mwape Eugenie is the Year Two Primary teacher and has worked with Malaika since 2018. Her ambition is to be able to help the girls realize their dreams through education and become the leaders of tomorrow. Eugenie enjoys football in her spare time.
Jacques Kubadilwa
Science, Geography, and History Teacher
Kubadilwa Jacques is the Science, Geography, and History Teacher. He received a degree in Applied Pedagogy with an emphasis on Geography and Environmental Management from ISP in Lubumbashi. Jacques has a passion for nature, loves to play volleyball and enjoys watching cartoons with his two children.
Jean de Dieu Musenge
Math Teacher
Jean is the Math teacher at the Malaika school. Jean received his degree in Pedagogy for the Humanities at Bukwashi Institute in Mufunga Sampwe. Jean taught primary school for several years before continuing his studies at Superior Pedagogical Institute (ISP) in Lubumbashi where he received his diploma in Mathematics.
Joseph Lumbula Kazaku
Music Teacher
Lumbala Kazaku Joseph is the Music Teacher at the Malaika School. As the son of a philosopher and a musician, he loved classical music from a young age. Joseph learned to play the soprano flute by age six and mastered the piano while in the choir at St. Pierre and Paul Church in Lubumbashi. While listening to recordings of Oscar Peterson and Miles Davis, he discovered a love for jazz music which led him to participate in a workshop with the Rohan Quartet. This training gave him the tools to perform a diverse range of musical styles and genres. He has also collaborated with several notable artists, such as Papa Wemba. Joseph shares his talents and love of music with the students at Malaika.
Judith Kilonga N’tensya
Math Teacher
Kilonga N’tensya Judith comes from a large family and received a license in Applied Mathematics at university. She brings a strong background in mathematics to Malaika, where she teaches grades 7 and 8. She comes on board hoping to share her knowledge, acquired throughout her studies and life, and to instill in the students the value of a woman in society. Judith is happy to be a part of Malaika as we aim first at the education of our children.
Maguy Safi Makanda
Physical Education Teacher
Moise Lumbala
Year 5 Teacher
Lumbala Nguz Moise is the Year Five Primary teacher. Moise received his degree in Applied Demography and has a diverse background, previously working in the Congolese control office, at Trust Merchants Bank, and as a primary school teacher. He actively works against discrimination and believes working together to achieve your goals is vital. Moise enjoys working at the Malaika School to provide a quality education to the girls, and in his free time likes to laugh and have fun.
Natacha Mosakwa Bayindo
School Administrator
Mosakwa Bayindo Natacha is the Administrative Assistant at the school. She enjoys working at Malaika as it is a unique school in the DRC where she is able to share some of her knowledge with the students, developing the educated girls of the future. Natacha is married with three children and is very thankful to Malaika and all of our supporters helping to make change in Kalebuka
Odette Tshilemb
Year 1 Teacher
Tshilemb A Mwez Odette is the Year 1 Primary Teacher. She has has a strong background in teaching and her ambition is to provide the students at the Malaika School with the tools they need to reach their potential and instill them with the confidence to become leaders, as they are the ones who will lead the DRC tomorrow. Odette is a mother of seven children and she enjoys CAC sports.
Rebecca Mbayo
Special Projects Advisor & Teacher
Rebecca, who has been with Malaika since 2013, has a degree in English and African Cultures from the Higher Educational Institute of Lubumbashi. Her love for education was inspired by her natural love for children, whom she wants to see happy and healthy, and by her parents. She loves working as the special projects advisor and English teacher at Malaika because it gives her the opportunity to share her knowledge and have a positive impact on the future and the well-being of the girls. Her difficult youth taught her a lot, and with help along the way from God and good coaches she decided she would give back to people in trouble. Along with teaching, Rebecca is interested in projects addressing social justice, violence against women and children, and women’s empowerment. She has put her passions into action most recently by serving as a translator and advocate for Malaika’s students during their first webinar series with a global audience. She eloquently and thoroughly explained the problems facing her students in general but specifically during the time of lockdown to a hugely positive response. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys reading, walking and being in the company of children.
Rigobert Kisontwe
Educational Consultant
Sébastien Samudinda Ngwej
Science Teacher
Samudinda Ngwej Sébastien, a teacher of biology, physics, chemistry, botany and zoology, comes to Malaika with 11 years of teaching experience. He sees his work at Malaika school as a challenge for the future, in which his hard work and honesty will help train his students in science to give them useful skills for the world of the future. Sébastien believes this will add to an already existing climate of loyalty and hard work.
Therese Mabaka
Kindergarten Teacher
Mabaka Anjelani Therese is the Kindergarten Teacher at Malaika. She studied at the Superior Pedagogical Institute (ISP) where she received a degree in Special Pedagogy in French after which she began her teaching career. Therese is excited to one day attend the graduation ceremonies for her students and is committed to using her knowledge and her talents to help the girls of Kalebuka become strong, educated young women. Her passion for education and helping disadvantaged children make her a great team member at Malaika. When she is not teaching, Therese enjoys watching sports, especially football and wrestling.

Community Center Staff

Chancelle Ngoy
Volunteer Coach
Ngoy Chancelle is a Volunteer Coach at the Community Center. Chancelle is graduate in political and administrative science. She joined the center to learn IT, got involved in sport, and eventually became a coach. Her passion to work with children makes her one of the most caring female coaches at the Community Center. She loves her community and enjoys singing gospel music.
Deborah Baruani
Volunteer Coach
Baruani Deborah is a Volunteer Coach the the Community Center. She joined the community center to learn IT before discovering the impact that sport can have on a girl’s life. After the training, Deborah is now working with us as a coach in Sport for Social Development. She loves food, being well dressed, and loves waking up in a good mood.
Divina Kalenga
Teacher and Coach
Kalenga Divina is a Teacher at the Community Center. She began attending classes at The Community Center shortly after the center opened in 2013 and was determined to play football despite being the only girl on the pitch at the time. Divina kept studying, playing, and improving so Malaika invested in her future by paying for her to go back to school. She now has a degree and uses her education and skills to teach and coach others. The girls at the center recognize her determination and look up to her as a role model.
Genevieve Kindele Kalenga
Photo of Genevieve, Teacher
Kindele Kalenga Genevieve is a Teacher at the Community Center. Genevieve joined Malaika after teaching at a primary school. She loves music and even sings in a choir, while her favorite sport is football. Genevieve chose Malaika because of our commitment to girls and women. She hopes to use her knowledge and experience to help the boys and girls of her community grow and become responsible adults.
Ildephonse Kangela
Kangela Mutombo Ildephonse is a Teacher at the Community Center. He has a strong background in education as both a teacher and a principal. After receiving a scholarship, Ildephonse went to South Africa where he studied human rights, trauma and other courses for four years before returning to the DRC to work with a local NGO, continuing his career in education, with an added focus on the education of girls and women. Ildephonse uses his love of football and experience in education to help improve the lives of all those attending the Center.
Israel Kazembe
Volunteer Coach
Kazembe Israel is a Volunteer Coach at the Community Center. He is from Kalebuka and joined the center as a student but eventually got involved in sports and eventually became a coach. He loves music and playing football and would like to be an architect in the future.
Penuel Kisimba
Volunteer Coach
Kisimba Penuel is a Volunteer Coach at the Community Center. Penuel joined the center in 2013 when it opened. After attending literacy classes he decided to learn coaching techniques and eventually becoming a coach for youth at the Community Center. He keeps on learning English and improving his French skills. He loves dancing and teaching it to youth, and he would like to develop his mechanic skills in the future.
Rosette Baruani
Volunteer Coach
Baruani Rosette is a Volunteer Coach at the Community Center. Even though she is very quiet she the most careful and attentive coaches. Rosette stopped her studies in grade 5 as her parents couldn’t afford her studies but came to the center to continue her education. Rosette began playing football at the center and prior to her training at the community center, she was very shy. However, her time learning and coaching at the center has helped her open up and communicate more. She likes playing sports and listening to music.
Smith Kamwabu Kayemb
Kamwabu Kayembe Smith is an English teacher at the Malaika Community Center. Prior to Malaika, Smith was an interpreter as well as a teacher of English, African Sociology, and Esthetics. He has his state diploma in Literature and graduated university with a degree in English and African Culture (Applied Pedagogy). Smith was motivated to join the Malaika staff due to his desire to help young people and after learning about Malaika’s work to educate girls and support the community. Given his love for football, Smith is happy to be teaching at the center, where football is an everyday activity!
Russel Kisimba
Volunteer Coach
Strong Mpiana
Heritier Mpiana Kayembe Strong is a Coach at the Community Center. He has been with Malaika for seven years, first as a student and then as a staff member. Strong studied English and IT before studying coaching techniques for football and other sports. In addition to working as a Coach, Strong is at university.
Sonya Shannon
Program Development Manager
Sonya has 13 years of experience working in the field of international development on programming in Africa (Egypt, DRC, Uganda, and South Africa). She joined Malaika in 2010 serving in the areas of program management, design, and development. While creating core programming for the community center in Kalebuka, she’s implemented solutions in health, enterprise development, sustainable agriculture, and women’s and youth empowerment. She holds a B.A. in International Relations, a Masters in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and is currently working as a consultant on projects merging sustainable development and climate solutions. She leads ASEDWA, an initiative creating socio-economic development for women in Africa. She has traveled extensively, lived in countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and is deeply committed to investing in girls and women’s development.

Support Staff

Aimee Kunong
Maintenance and Cleaning
Alphonse Bomboko
Security Guard
Bomboko Kazadi Alphonse is a Security Guard at the Community Center and has been with Malaika since 2013. He wanted to work as a security guard as a gesture of support for Malaika providing the girls in the community with an education. Alphonse and his wife Michou live in Kalebuka and have seven children. His favorite sport is football and he enjoys listening to music.
Amani Nimuboma
Security Guard
Nimuboma Diomede Amani is a Security Guard at the Malaika School. He has four children and one of his daughters attends the Malaika School. He enjoys working at Malaika and works hard to ensure the school is secure.
Aubin Yumba Ilunga
Ilunga Yumba Aubin is the Head of Maintenance at Malaika. He holds a diploma of General Mechanics and attended both Kolwezi at Ukwell and Mutoshi/Chuma, studying metallurgy. Aubin’s previous work experience includes marketing, factory work, training at the Minister of Infrastructure in the Province of Katanga and working in metallurgy in the mines at Shituru and Kambove. His past experience and his dedication make him a huge asset to Malaika. While he looks great in Malaika pink, his favorite color is blue and he enjoys watching football and listening to music.
Bernadette Kapeshi
Corneil Kalaba
Security Guard
Kalaba Kandu Corneil is a Security Guard at the Malaika School. He joined Malaika in 2013 and has a daughter who attends the school. Corneil likes to give back to Malaika as a guard considering all that Malaika has done for Kalebuka. He and his wife Clémentine have seven children and in his free time he loves watching football.
Cynthia Umba
Administrative Assistant
Umba Banza Cynthia is an Administrative Assistant at Malaika. She enjoys working at Malaika because it the first school in the DRC to provide a free education and ensure the future for girls. Cynthia is thankful to the donors who support Malaika and enjoys cycling.
Dina Marie-Claire Mukendi
DRC Advisor
Dina Marie-Claire Mukendi is a computer scientist, passionate about new technologies and literature. She has over 17 years of experience in projects management and telecommunications industry. Believing in social change through education, technology and innovation, and being concerned about finding solutions to global challenges, she is engaged in helping empowering Congolese girls through her action as a volunteer.
Dominique Kalembwe
Kyando Kyando Kalembwe Dominique is the Agronomist at Malaika. He studied agronomy and permaculture at agriculture school. The farm he manages provides the fruits and vegetables for school meals and vocational training for community members. Dominique loves his job, and he considers the production of more healthy vegetables and fruits for the children at the School and Center his priority. He and his wife live in Kalebuka with their six children. His favorite sport is football.
Henriette Mbutu
Maintenance and Cleaning
Amisi Mbutu Henriette is a Cleaner at Malaika. She joined Malaika as a volunteer in 2013 before becoming a staff members. Henriette enjoys her work at Malaika, helping to move the organization forward, and views the school as a benchmark for other schools. She and her husband Ali have nine children, she enjoys watching football and eating beans and rice.
Jaime Thomas
Outreach and Communications Manager
Jaime is a Program Assistant with Malaika. With a varied background including years of nonprofit work focused in Tanzania, Jaime brings a passion for documenting, supporting and learning about other cultures and people to Malaika. Jaime studied journalism, photography and French and combines her education with myriad experiences working, traveling, volunteering and studying abroad. She is committed to plugging in and having an impact wherever possible, whether through administration, communications, writing or any other area. She brings experience in photography, design, web design, marketing and helping with organizational development and projects both on the ground and remotely, and is using this background to tell stories through Malaika’s social media and communications. Having worked closely and spent much time with the Maasai and now getting to know the people in DRC through Malaika has inspired Jaime to continue pursuits that positively impact marginalized people.
Jean Claude Kabeya
Security Guard
Louise Pineau
Program Assistant
Louise is a program assistant at Malaika. She is French native and moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 14. She studied Math, Business and Spanish at A levels. Louise has now been accepted in some of the most prestigious universities to specialise in Business Management where she will join this September. She always loves helping people and sharing her knowledges, and as a young woman she truly believes in education, so she feels blessed to work with Malaika.
Marta Reed
Program Assistant
Marta Reed is a Program Assistant with Malaika. She was born in Gdansk, Poland and received her degree in Management and Marketing from the University of Gdansk. Marta went on to obtain a Master’s Degree in Human Resources before moving to the United Kingdom. Marta paused her formal career to work as a full-time mother for several years, believing in the importance of teaching her children the true value of life. She joined Malaika to fulfill her dream of helping others. Marta ensures Noella and the entire Malaika team are equipped with the necessary resources and tools to succeed and achieve the greatest impact possible.
Martin Tshanda
Security Guard
Tshanda Musonda Martin is a Security Guard at the Malaika School. He believes in education for all children and is happy to be a part of the staff at the Malaika School. Martin looks forward to helping the girls at the School in any way that he can as well as keeping the girls and the School and grounds secure. He has a special interest in keeping the School and the girls safe, as his daughter is a student at the School. Martin also enjoys football and is a good player, and he hopes to set a good example for the youth of good sportsmanship on the sports field.
Patrick Tshovu
Tshovu Mambu Patrick is a Driver for Malaika. He has been with Malaika since 2019 and enjoys working here because of the education Malaika gives to the girls of Kalebuka. He looks forward to seeing the graduates of the Malaika School become influential people in the future. When he is not driving for Malaika, Patrick enjoys watching football.
Salima Etoka
Development Assistant
Salima is a Development Assistant with Malaika. Salima was born in Lemera, DRC, and at the age of 9 she emigrated to the US with her family, because of the civil conflict. She is currently a Master’s in Public Policy candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School with a concentration on International and Global Affairs (IGA). Salima is a graduate of Trinity College with a B.A. in Urban Studies, Political Science and French. As a Truman Scholar, Salima is committed to public service and is passionate about human rights with a focus on gender equality and equitable access to social services, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. In recognizing the opportunities that she received, Salima wants to give back so that others can reach their full potential. She joined Malaika in 2015 because she is passionate about universal access to education and the mission of empowering communities in her home country.
Sandrine Longolongo
DRC Advisor
Sandrine holds a masters degree in Project Management from the University of Winchester. She currently serves as a representative for a Petroleum company in Congo’s Katanga region. Sandrine is a vibrant, independent and highly ambitious woman, who enjoys working in challenging environments. She is also a TED Speaker!
Sébastien Kikunguru Kembele
DRC Advisor
Sébastien is a husband and father. He was born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo and studied social sciences at the University of Lubumbashi with a degree in International Relations. After his studies, Sébastien travelled almost the entire country, visiting the provinces of Kivu, Central Congo, Eastern Province and Greater Katanga. He has visited a few foreign countries such as Zambia, the Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Belgium and the United States of America. Sebastien remains convinced that all the men of the earth are experiencing difficulties and that these are common to everyone in developed countries as those in developing countries. He is among those who work hard to find daily ways and opportunities to improve the living conditions of the people around him and works to use his physical, intellectual and moral strengths, skills and abilities for the well-being of his loved ones. Former officer of the Public Enterprise Steering Committee (COPIREP), Honorary Mayor, co-founder member and initiator of several institutional and community development projects, including the Community Development Initiatives Support Program (CTB/PAIDECO), Republic Social Fund in Katanga. (Cfr CV in appendix) and advisor to Malaika. Gifted with a strong inspiration in many social areas, Sébastien remains significant to those around him for his sense of compassion, positivism, volunteer service, decision-making and leader of men. This has led to numerous requests to be involved in tasks and projects of local or even national interest.
Alexia Tizzano
Human Rights & Special Projects Advisor
Alexia is a human rights and special projects advisor with Malaika. She is a human rights researcher and a lawyer admitted to the New York State bar. She is currently a Visiting Scholar at Boston University School of Law and a former fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard Kennedy School. She does research on gender-based violence, sexual violence in conflict and international refugee law. She previously worked at the European Court of Justice and the European Commission. Alexia graduated from New York University School of Law, King’s College London, Humboldt-University in Berlin, and Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas. Alexia joined Malaika because she is passionate about human rights, gender equality and education, and strives to convey her passion to girls, teachers and the community in Kalebuka, and she enjoys learning from members of Malaika’s community.
Wilson Kalenga
Security Guard