Teacher Rebecca on the importance of Kalebuka’s mothers

In Congo and beyond, girls often miss out on the opportunity to learn due to various cultural and societal barriers. The Kalebuka mothers have broken this cycle of inequality and shown their commitment to education by supporting their daughters in every way possible. Teacher Rebecca reflects on why Kalebuka’s mothers are the co-writers of our success story:

Why our mothers matter

Rebecca: “Mothers in our community understand the importance of education and are ready to go the extra mile to support their daughters. They help out by cleaning the school, cooking, and actively participate in community programs.

Their resilience is commendable, and they are not deterred by age, social norms or any other challenges that come their way. They know that education is the key to unlocking opportunities and changing their lives and that of their community.

The Kalebuka mothers have the potential to become powerful models for their daughters. They have joined the community center to learn literacy, sewing, catering, and entrepreneurship. Many of them have become independent and are thriving economically. They have started various income-generating activities and have transformed their lives and that of their families.”

Daniella’s Story

Their daughters’ success stories are a testament to their hard work and dedication. They always push them to complete their education and provide them with the necessary support to succeed. One such success story is that of Daniella and her mother, [name needed].

“Daniella’s mother was a housewife, and for years she has done her best to help Daniella be regular and on time at school. Daniella is a very bright student in Grade 1 in science and is engaged in many activities. Her mother joined the vocational classes in sewing and catering, which has turned her into a successful entrepreneur. She sews beautiful clothes for Daniella, the members of the community and gets paid. She is no longer reliant on her husband and has become a breadwinner for her family.”

The Kalebuka mothers’ commitment to education and their daughters’ success is remarkable. They have shown that with determination and hard work, one can overcome any obstacle and achieve their dreams. Their involvement in community programs has brought about positive change, and they have become ambassadors for education in their community.