The Malaika Model Toolkit

Malaika was founded with the dream of bringing education to girls in a rural community of the Congo. Since we set forth on our mission in 2007, we have made this dream a reality. With the Malaika Masterclass, the ability to transform a dream into a thriving community, empowered by action and shared goals, can become a reality in other parts of Africa and beyond.

The toolkit shares Malaika’s comprehensive approach to community empowerment, which helped the organization grow from an idea, to a school for girls and a community-driven ecosystem.

What is included?

The toolkit is comprised of four components: a video masterclass, a course guide, an operations manual, and one-on-one session. We welcome you to read more about it here and at the links below.

Want a more hands-on approach to the Malaika model? Structured site visits can be added on to your toolkit experience for an extended look into the day-to-day of our organization. You’ll spend a week on the ground with our team and see how we do it in real time. Contact us for more details!