In 2007, Congolese/Cypriot international model and humanitarian Noëlla Coursaris Musunka wanted to build a girls school providing a quality education in the DRC. That was just the beginning.

In twelve years, Malaika’s team of 100% Congolese staff on the ground and volunteers have been the catalyst for massive change:

Free education in the DRC is scarce, especially for girls. 

We now have 346 girls enrolled in our free, accredited primary and secondary school. At our community center, over 5,000 youth and adults receive training in literacy, farming, entrepreneurship and community-building sports initiatives.

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The village of Kalebuka, like most in the DRC, had no access to water.

Today, we have built 15 new wells and refurbished 4 existing ones. Together, this 20-well system is providing access to clean water to over 30,000 people a year.

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Malnutrition and disease are daily and deadly threats to education.

Our school health center and daily student meal program ensure that each student is ready to learn. Our partnerships with local doctors educate the community on malnutrition, malaria and HIV/AIDS.

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We are Malaika.

We empower youth and strive to end gender inequality by providing access to education, clean water and health to communities in Kalebuka, DRC.

Malaika was founded by Noëlla Coursaris Musunka, who still leads Malaika today, making us a rare African-led, female-led organization.

We are working to double our impact and need your help.

Donate one time or on a monthly basis to ensure we can continue our efforts and increase our education, water and health initiatives.

For $10, you can provide one girl with a nutritious breakfast and lunch for a week. For $50, you can provide one girl with school supplies for a year. For $70, you can provide a health workshop for the community. 

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Sponsor a girl and receive updates on her progress and videos and pictures from her and our staff.

For $65 a month, or $775 a year, you can provide one girl with an entire year’s worth of education, health check-ups and meal provisions. We encourage sponsors to provide 1:1 mentoring and support of our girls through this program. 

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Funding a project is an opportunity to make a difference in an often forgotten country.

For $10,000 or more, you can work with our team to fully fund the water, health or education project of your choice. 

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Want to get involved?

Learn more about volunteer opportunities, hosting fundraisers and other ways to support Malaika here.  

It is Malaika’s mission to create a sustainable, community-led organization that can positively impact every single person in the village of Kalebuka. We seek to create a community of highly-educated female leaders who can advocate for women and for their country, the DRC. We believe an educated and empowered generation are the change-agents the DRC desperately needs to find peace, stability and prosperity.

The DRC is the heart of Africa. Due to decades-long conflict and instability, the nation is often overlooked, despite the tremendous need for basic humanitarian aid. Working with Malaika represents an opportunity to truly make a difference in an often forgotten country; an opportunity to empower a generation and to uplift a nation. Join us in this work to educate and embolden the future leaders of the DRC.

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