Malaika’s Class Of ’23: In Pictures

July 2023 marked the graduation of Malaika’s first-ever cohort of 17 students: Amida, Audience, Chantal, Claudine, Deborah, Francoise, Frida, Horciline, Jeanette, Jeanne, Jolie, Josiane, Lauriane, Louise, Mamie, Marceline, and Pascaline. The graduation ceremony brought together Malaika students, international and local staff and volunteers, and key members of Malaika’s donor community to celebrate the achievements of these students over the past 12 years and set them off on their next chapter at university.

We welcomed hip-hop star and actress Eve, a longstanding Malaika Ambassador and President of the First Cohort of Malaika Students, who delivered a powerful speech, echoing the dreams and aspirations of each graduate as they stepped into the world with newfound confidence. We also featured a number of inspiring speeches and performances from students, supporters, and friends.

The significance of this graduation goes beyond mere academic achievement, symbolizing hope and the unwavering belief in the power of education to transform lives.