Sponsor Highlight: Charlie Collins & Godlive

“Meeting Noëlla was the first step in my journey to sponsoring a student at Malaika. Hearing about her journey with creating Malaika from the ground up inspired me to find out more. I started sponsoring the lovely Godlive about four years ago with my husband Matt and it has been a privilege to help support her with these formative years of education, opening up her potential to follow her dreams. 

Throughout my time sponsoring Godlive, I have come to know the wider Malaika community and now consider myself very much part of the family. My younger sister and her flatmates also clubbed together to sponsor a student collectively. It’s been wonderful to introduce friends and family into the community too.”

“Spending a lot of days without being in school was too much for me. But I’m looking forward to going back to school, even if it seems a bit deserted. I’m so happy to restart the program and I’m getting ready for the national test. I pray that everything will get back to normal as soon as possible so that my school can once again be a family for all girls.”

-Feliciane Nshimbi

“I’m very happy as the school is still allowed to open its doors for us. I was especially delighted to see my friends and teachers again making themselves ready for the national primary school-leaving test. But school doesn’t seem to me to be really the same as at the beginning because we are not allowed to greet each other shaking hands, getting closer each other and especially not to being in groups as always. It’s very difficult for us, but we also know it’s a healthy choice. At least we are happy to be together again as a family.”

-Stephanie Sakina

Our ambassadors help spread the word about or our work in DRC. Meet Marine Tanguy, our newest ambassador! Marine is yet another strong, impressive woman who is building momentum and making change. The CEO and Founder of MTArt Agency, she was awarded Forbes 2018 30 under 30 Europe, is a writer and keynote speaker who has given two TEDx Talks on art, social media visuals and the mind, and is also an advocate for artists. Read her full bio here.

We love the unique perspective and experience Marine will bring to Malaika, and we love these collaborations that allow women to lift each other up. Welcome!

It’s always great to learn about leaders, change makers and creative minds. Noella had fun participating in a unique blog article through The World Citizen’s 3 & 3, where interviewees ranging from musicians to advertisers (to international models/ philanthropists!) pose questions to each other. Our newest advisory, Marine Tanguy, asked Noella about such topics as what drives her, what mistakes she’s made and what she would do during her last night on earth.

Read Noella’s answers in the article, below, and follow up to see who and what Noella asked next: http://www.theworldcitizen.org/blog

We love when large organizations celebrate and seek out diversity and maintain social responsibility. We were honored that Malaika was a focus of Microsoft’s recent Africa Day celebration. Africa Day is ‘intended to celebrate and acknowledge the successes of the Organization of African Unity (OAU now the AU) in the fight against colonialism and apartheid, as well as the progress that Africa has made, while reflecting upon the common challenges that the continent faces in the global environment.’

The event, which became virtual due to the pandemic, was part of Afriweek, Africans @ Microsoft’s weeklong celebration of Africa Day, according to Josuel Musambaghani, a Malaika advisory board member and Microsoft employee. Food demos and a speaker series culminated in a virtual give party, celebrating Africa with two DJs, food demos and speakers while giving participants the opportunity to learn about and support organizations that are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re so grateful to the sponsorship and more than $1,000 that was raised for our programs from this event.

Thank you to Josuel, for suggesting Malaika be featured!

Who do you find to teach your teachers? Malaika enthusiastically welcomes Francois Latouche to our advisory board! Francois, vice-principal of Lycée Français de Zurich since 2019, was previously a teacher, teacher instructor and the director of a primary school. In other words, he has a strong educational background, which he is sharing with our on the ground staff.

He brings his passion for his work, particularly teaching, pedagogy and ensuring the progress of his students, to Malaika. He conducted trainings in DRC with our team and is still working closely with our amazing headmaster Sylvain remotely. So glad to have you and your educational expertise, Francois!

Mimie is a mother from our community center, who has been volunteering at the school for 6 years. She says Malaika has impacted all aspects of her life, by supporting her daughters’ studies at school.

We love every person and every face that gives their time to furthering Malaika’s mission in DRC, and we’ve picked a few to highlight during our ‘Behind the Mask’ series.