Masterclass Video Course

What’s in the masterclass videos?

This video series features firsthand advice from some of the incredible team that make up Malaika. Drawing on years of experience, trial and error and a lot of learning, members of our staff ranging from our founder to our IT manager share invaluable insight.

1. Introduction

What, exactly is the Malaika model toolkit? How can you benefit from accessing it? 

2. Meet Malaika

Learn about our founder, her story and how she turned a dream to make a difference in the lives of girls into a thriving ecosystem. 

3. Malaika model

Our headmaster discusses how we developed our model, why it’s effective and how it can be applied elsewhere. 

4. Local solutions to local issues 

Our country manager and teacher/ special project advisor explain the importance of being locally led and how you can build a team from your community. 

5.  Selecting a site

There are many factors to selecting an ideal location to root your project—learn more about this from various team members. 

6. Turning vision into change

It’s easy to have big dreams and ideas for change, but how do you harness passion into reality? Our country manager discusses the steps necessary to establish your organization, streamline and improve operations and function to your full potential. 

7. Staff development and training

Having a passionate and large team is key to success. Hear how Malaika selects, develops and manages staff. 

8. Outreach and messaging

In order to grow, you must be able to get the word out to potential donors, supporters and a wide audience. Our outreach and communications manager and social media manager discuss the lessons Malaika’s team has learned in best communication practices and how huge a role social media and communication plays in growth. 

9. Knowing when you are ready

It can be exciting to have an idea you want to turn into a reality, but getting ahead of yourself will have negative consequences. Our country manager and founder explain the steps Malaika took to lay the groundwork for establishing our nonprofit organization. 

10. Field notes- 21st century education 

Our IT manager and headmaster discuss the importance of incorporating technology into all aspects of operations in order to stay relevant in today’s world. 

11. Avoiding burnout

As our founder knows all too well, burnout is a very real threat to an individual or team starting an ambitious project. Hear insights on how to avoid burnout and how to ensure the smoothest start possible to your work. 

12. Moving forward

What are the next steps in getting started?