Staff Highlight: Mabaka Angelani Therese

Malaika’s staff consists of individuals who are passionate about education and about teaching and supporting the next group of leaders emerging from our student body. Therese Mabaka Angelani, kindergarten teacher, has been working for 10 years at Malaika, ever since the school opened its doors.⠀

“It is really great to see a school that emerges day to day, year by year, in which children who come in without a notion of education go out with an impressive intellectual, moral and physical training. My dream is to see some of the girls continuing the work that Malaika does by giving back to their communities and leading the school so that other children will be able to benefit from this education.”

As the Covid-19 crises has put much of the world on lockdown and led to widespread and myriad challenges on individuals and nations, our community in DRC has been directly impacted. With the onslaught of the virus, the price of food has increased by up to five times.

The Malaika team stepped in as quickly as we could to address this critical issue and meet the community’s need. During the first week of our recent fundraising campaign, we were able to distribute essentials such maize flour, rice, oil, beans and soap, to 60 families! These families were so grateful, and we cannot give out enough thanks to all the donors who supported this effort and the people of Kalebuka during this difficult time. Thank you!

To donate toward this campaign and help provide food for more families who need it, visit our campaign here. 

Families across the DRC, and Africa as a whole, are facing daily struggles to get their food staples. Prices of maize meal and rice are skyrocketing, and the situation doesn’t appear to be easing in the near future.

With nutrition critical to staying healthy and boosting immune systems, eating healthy meals is more important now than ever before. At Malaika, we’re buying and distributing food across the village of Kalebuka. Help us enhance our reach by donating to our emergency fundraiser 

Families across Democratic Republic of Congo are experiencing a food crisis. The COVID19 pandemic has caused the price of maize meal, a staple for many households, to increase fivefold, and the price of rice to double. This makes it extremely difficult for many area families to afford even the most basic food supplies.

At Malaika, we’re working around the clock to buy staple foods for our students and community center members and their families. We’re asking for your help in raising emergency funds to ensure that we’re reaching to the families who need us most. Visit to donate.

Malaika is one big family, and we leave nobody behind. While COVID19 in the DRC has led the government to call for a temporary closure of our school and community center, it doesn’t mean we can’t still provide support locally. As we navigate these difficult weeks & months ahead, we’re doubling down on our efforts to support the village of Kalebuka by distributing food staples and supplies, as well as organic produce from our very own farm!  

But we need your help: With the price of local staple foods rising rapidly in recent days, we have created an emergency fundraiser so that we can make sure as many families as possible have what they need. Please help support this fundraiser here. Together, we can get through this.

Now more than ever, reliable access to water is essential. Water security has always been at the forefront of our community support, and times such as these are a reminder of the important role it plays in keeping people healthy. Safe water is necessary for drinking, cooking, cleaning and especially important right now- washing hands.

In Mahembe Village, we worked with community members to choose the site of our 20th well. A huge thanks to Angel Cosmetics Beauty for their partnership in bringing this essential resource to Mahembe!

At the Malaika school, our students learn about the importance of good hygiene and put it into practice! We are wishing good health and safety to all as we focus on keeping our students well.

As of February 7, Malaika has launched the sale of its bags and other accessories under the brand Mama Ya Mapendo (Mothers With Love) at Hyper Psaro supermarket. We sincerely thank Hyper Psaro for this goodwill in joining us to sustain all our programs and for believing in Malaika for so many years.

We also thank all the mothers who participated in the production for their steadfast courage in learning and practicing these concepts. In addition to hand making their craft, these women come to read, write and learn entrepreneurship skills at the community center. 

This success would not be possible without the commitment of our wonderful staff and that of our volunteers throughout the world who have worked hard to achieve tangible results. 

We encourage everyone to visit the supermarket Hyper Psaro and buy our bags and accessories, all of which are made and are also available at our Malaika school or our community center in Kalebuka.

Noella is back on the ground in Kalebuka, working hard and also spending time with students, staff, parents and the community. She was more than happy to present a donation of brand new football/ soccer balls to Malaika students from Manchester City.

Football plays a huge role at Malaika School and Kalebuka Football for Hope Center. We use the sport as a tool for education, social change, health and equality for our girls and the entire community. New equipment is always readily and enthusiastically received. The students will get much use out these donated balls. Thank you Manchester City!

Last month, Noella travelled to New York to meet with fellow board members Alain Pakabomba and Sanjay Rawal, the US Malaika team, donors and friends to celebrate Malaika’s achievements, having grown from a school of only three classrooms to now educating 346 students. Malaika has also provides clean water to over 30,000 people and over 5,000 youth and adults with vocational and sports programs at our community center.

The day began with a board meeting where we made plans for the coming year while other Malaika team members from Boston, New York, Washington DC, England and the Democratic Republic of the Congo arrived for the event. Later in the day we welcomed guests to an intimate discussion with Noella, Country Manager Sarah Kalumba and moderator June Sarpong MBE. The event reflected on Malaika’s transformative achievements and our goals for the future. Eileen Walmsley, our strategic advisor, welcomed guests and led the introduction, while Megan Faunce, our program manager, highlighted our program. Last but certainly not least, Alain and CFO Adriana Henriquez reviewed our financials. We can’t thank our supporters enough for their commitment to girls’ education and Kalebuka’s rise!

“I had a great week in New York with Sarah, Noella and the entire Malaika team. It was fun catching up with each other and our Malaika supporters. We took advantage of all being in the same place to get even more work done and make plans for ensuring Malaika continues to provide support to the girls and community of Kalebuka for years to come.”

Megan Faunce