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It was such an honor to be featured in Congo Excellence Magazine’s inaugural issue last month.

This magazine aims to “be a facilitative platform for collaboration and unity in youth collectives that will elevate the national economic growth and living experience, whilst simultaneously sustaining this growth for future generations to come.”

We’re excited for this publication, which is highlighting the amazing people and work in Congo and the positive impact they’re  making on the country’s future. We were so glad to be highlighted alongside fellow Congolese change makers, who are building a vibrant future for our communities. The path forward for our girls is bright. Find the full article here. 

As the Covid-19 crises has put much of the world on lockdown and led to widespread and myriad challenges on individuals and nations, our community in DRC has been directly impacted. With the onslaught of the virus, the price of food has increased by up to five times.

The Malaika team stepped in as quickly as we could to address this critical issue and meet the community’s need. During the first week of our recent fundraising campaign, we were able to distribute essentials such maize flour, rice, oil, beans and soap, to 60 families! These families were so grateful, and we cannot give out enough thanks to all the donors who supported this effort and the people of Kalebuka during this difficult time. Thank you!

To donate toward this campaign and help provide food for more families who need it, visit our campaign here. 

Families across the DRC, and Africa as a whole, are facing daily struggles to get their food staples. Prices of maize meal and rice are skyrocketing, and the situation doesn’t appear to be easing in the near future.

With nutrition critical to staying healthy and boosting immune systems, eating healthy meals is more important now than ever before. At Malaika, we’re buying and distributing food across the village of Kalebuka. Help us enhance our reach by donating to our emergency fundraiser 

Families across Democratic Republic of Congo are experiencing a food crisis. The COVID19 pandemic has caused the price of maize meal, a staple for many households, to increase fivefold, and the price of rice to double. This makes it extremely difficult for many area families to afford even the most basic food supplies.

At Malaika, we’re working around the clock to buy staple foods for our students and community center members and their families. We’re asking for your help in raising emergency funds to ensure that we’re reaching to the families who need us most. Visit to donate.

Malaika is one big family, and we leave nobody behind. While COVID19 in the DRC has led the government to call for a temporary closure of our school and community center, it doesn’t mean we can’t still provide support locally. As we navigate these difficult weeks & months ahead, we’re doubling down on our efforts to support the village of Kalebuka by distributing food staples and supplies, as well as organic produce from our very own farm!  

But we need your help: With the price of local staple foods rising rapidly in recent days, we have created an emergency fundraiser so that we can make sure as many families as possible have what they need. Please help support this fundraiser here. Together, we can get through this.

At the Malaika school, our students learn about the importance of good hygiene and put it into practice! We are wishing good health and safety to all as we focus on keeping our students well.

Our students never fail to impress us.

On a recent morning at Malaika School, a few of our older girls stepped in to take the lead with teaching. They conducted class and taught lessons to their fellow, younger students.

This is what Malaika is all about, young women growing into leaders who empower each other.

Filmmakers Jonny Guardiani and Ryan Boey visited Kalebuka this summer to film interviews and beautiful shots of our school and community center. They spent time with our students and teachers, as well as with our founder Noella Coursaris Musunka, watching daily operations and the laughter and joy found on our campus. Thank you, Jonny and Ryan, for your brilliant work!

“It has been an incredible experience visiting Malaika – from the moment I stepped on the school grounds, I felt a warm and unique kind of hospitality. It’s amazing to be surrounded by so many students full of energy, joy and positivity. The teachers and all the people working and volunteering there are bonded by a strong team ethic making everyone feel involved and part of something bigger than themselves.

The structure created by Noella, from the school and the community centre to the presence in the village is a model which is creating a new generation of youths who are empowered to make an impact.

To see that with my own eyes – the people in Kalebuka with very limited resources but a great approach to life, that was a refreshing experience. It put many things in perspective – we often get blinded by our own life and we tend to lose focus on the bigger picture, so I’m really grateful to Malaika for reminding me about the important things in life.”

Jonny Guardiani

In December 2015, Miriam, one of our students in Grade 1, passed away due to an illness. The lack of proper health facilities in Kalebuka meant that Miriam did not receive the care she needed. Malaika desperately needs your help building a student health center to ensure a tragedy like Miriam’s does not happen again.

The village in which we operate does not have any clinics. Although Malaika provides two health checks a year, we would like to increase the frequency of these and dedicate a space for the health of our students and where a doctor can conduct exams. The health center will provide our staff, families and supporters with peace of mind while the girls attend classes with a doctor nearby.

Many illnesses and conditions in DR Congo are preventable and treatable, like diarrhea, cholera, and malnutrition, yet students cannot attend school because they are not diagnosed or don’t have access to basic medical care, supplies and medications.

With your help, we can save lives, and stop treatable illnesses from getting in the way of a girl’s education! Please help us build an infirmary at Malaika by visiting or .