Voss Foundation visits to evaluate wells

It has been five years since Malaika partnered with Voss Foundation to build our first well in Kalebuka.

Voss Foundation’s Program Director, Caitlin Rackish, recently traveled to the DRC to evaluate the wells and their impact, and to discuss future projects. Whilst visiting the school and community center, she took the opportunity to consult with the Water Committee about how they manage the wells and to meet with Solutions for Africa, who drilled the wells.

Caitlin also visited various urban water and sanitation systems in Lubumbashi, including recycling and waste management. The four Voss wells, coupled with the one we built with the Vinmart Foundation, are providing clean water to more than 10,000 people.

We loved welcoming Caitlin to Kalebuka and you can read more about her trip on the Voss Foundation Blog.