Urgent Need for Infirmary in Kalebuka, DR Congo

In December 2015, Miriam, one of our students in Grade 1, passed away due to an illness. The lack of proper health facilities in Kalebuka meant that Miriam did not receive the care she needed. Malaika desperately needs your help building a student health center to ensure a tragedy like Miriam’s does not happen again.

The village in which we operate does not have any clinics. Although Malaika provides two health checks a year, we would like to increase the frequency of these and dedicate a space for the health of our students and where a doctor can conduct exams. The health center will provide our staff, families and supporters with peace of mind while the girls attend classes with a doctor nearby.

Many illnesses and conditions in DR Congo are preventable and treatable, like diarrhea, cholera, and malnutrition, yet students cannot attend school because they are not diagnosed or don’t have access to basic medical care, supplies and medications.

With your help, we can save lives, and stop treatable illnesses from getting in the way of a girl’s education! Please help us build an infirmary at Malaika by visiting www.malaika.org/donate or www.crowdrise.com/student-health-center-/fundraiser/emmaletcher .