The Countdown Continues

Check back to this post DAILY as we count down the 9 days until Malaika’s 9th birthday on July 31st! We will be supplying you with exciting ideas on how you can get the Malaika girls ready to take on the school year.

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Only 8 days until Malaika‘s birthday! Follow our Facebook and Instagram for more ways to help us ensure the girls have uniforms and school supplies for this school year!  Check back to this post every day for updates on how you can raise money for Team Malaika! You can donate directly here: or visit .


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Day 3 – A Night in for Cocktails. This is a wonderful way to connect with your friends and give back.



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Day 4- Support Malaika by buying new shoes, books, makeup, and more for yourself! With Amazon Smile you can get all the shopping you need done and give back at the same time!


Day 5 – Partner with a local business! A coin jar can go a long way in helping raise funds for school supplies. You could also organize an event night with the business and include live music and food. Proceeds from the event would make a huge difference in the lives of the Malaika girls.

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Day 6 – Run or walk for Malaika! You can make a difference and get in your workout! If you’re interested in running or walking for Malaika in any type of race let us know and we will be happy to assist you in getting registered and promoting your page! Money raised through platforms like GoFundMe and CrowdRise can be directly donated to making a difference at Malaika.


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Day 7 – Our girls love learning new things. Do you have something to share with the world? From cooking to yoga the opportunities for enhancing the knowledge of others and giving back are endless. We’re so close to our 9 year anniversary I can feel it!! Follow Malaika these last few days for more updates! You can donate to or directly through paypal at



Day 8 – Introduce your work to Malaika! You can use any of the above ideas to bond with your coworkers and set goals. One month you could try to raise money for one girl to receive school supplies for the year, the next you could raise money to sponsor that girl for the whole year! The options are endless.


Day 9 – You can make a difference on this wonderful 9th birthday of ours, by donating directly to our cause. Your donations will change the lives of our girls and make an everlasting impact on them.

You can donate directly here: or visit .