Thandie Newton supports the Malaika girls

BAFTA winning actress Thandie Newton is a proud Malaika supporter and our girls were so excited when she posted about the first day of classes on her Instagram account! Read her moving post below and on her page Thank you for your encouragement, Thandie!

Look at these gorgeous girls. First day back at school. And all possible through the incredible hard work and tenacity of @noellacoursaris. Her ambition to help girls in her birthplace of Congo is a thriving reality @malaikadrc. These girls are the future because Congo is the centre of the world – literally. It is rich and fertile with resources that the West hunger after like vampires. It’s been called the worst place in the world to be a woman because of human rights catastrophes that are unleashed by warring over illegal export of those same minerals. Rape is a weapon of those wars. So these girls, and their radiance, are humbling to say the very least. We can help them, and help the beating heart of our beautiful world. They’re our flesh and blood. x Thandie