Teaching Environmental Awareness

Malaika’s holistic programming includes real life lessons on environmental science and sustainability.

From a recycling program to organic agriculture cultivation that becomes meals for students and staff, our girls learn the importance of caring for their planet. They then take these important lessons home to their villages.

Science teacher Jacques Kubadilwa’s explains why this is so important, and how he and other staff work to teach these concepts to our students.

How do you teach students about environmental awareness at Malaika/ what initiatives does Malaika take? 

We plan different subjects in our courses to teach girls to:
-Make the living environment healthy (zero waste)
-Avoid cutting the woods, but rather reforest
-Use clean energy (renewable)

Initiatives taken are:
-Planting fruit trees and decorative trees at school under the supervision of students (watering and maintenance) guided by our agronomist.
-Cultivation of an organic school garden in the schoolyards
-Use of trash cans at school.

Why is environmental / sustainability education important?

The importance of this education is not only so that girls become aware of their responsibility and play an important role in protecting and conserving their environment, but also and above all to raise awareness in others about its importance.

What is the most important lesson for the girls to learn about the environment / sustainability?

Girls must learn that the earth is the only habitable planet that we must manage well, so as not to compromise the future.