Staying Connected In A Virtual World

Noella loves every opportunity she has to talk about Malaika’s incredible students and programs through telling her own story. In a world inundated with virtual meetings of every type due to COVID, we’ve been grateful to have Noella speak in a number of digital forums, panels and talks.

Recently, Noella spoke with the ladies at Female Quotient for their Global Dinner series, bringing together female change makers and thinkers to connect, collaborate and work toward equality while sharing an evening with each other from their own homes.

Noella especially enjoys speaking with youth who want to learn about the world and how they can play a role in having an impact and making positive change. Such was the case with Warwick Africa Summit, a student conference full of brilliant and diverse minds discussing Africa’s past, present and future.

It was also insightful and a joy to be part of Harvard Business School’s Women in Business conference, celebrating dynamic women also striving toward equality and social justice worldwide.

We’re thankful for the technology that has allowed us to spend time together and connect in unique circumstances that might otherwise not have happened.