School trip: photography exhibtion

Our girls recently took a trip to the Poesie Katangaise photography exhibition by Osvalde Lewat. It was a wonderful experience for them, igniting lively discussion.

For nearly eighteen months, Lewat photographed people living and working on the streets of Kinshasa and Lubumbashi. He explains:

“This project was born in a chance meeting with a young girl who lives here and there in the street, at the option of destiny. Through her, I met many people and I had the chance to capture those moments in life that nothing predestined me to be around. These are pictures of women traders working at night, very late, men who look life in the face and accept the challenge that launches them children, despite their precarious condition are the princes of their territory, their world, young girls, young boys who agree to a pause in the frenzy of their night life for a picture … “.