Orpheus – Philanthropy through Travel Initiative

Malaika is fortunate to be one of thirteen charitable organizations chosen by luxury travel company Orpheus to receive a donation from each trip booked.

We thank Orpheus for their generosity, and for inviting us to their Philanthropy through Travel Initiative event. Our Director, Yamandou Alexander was honored to present Malaika to the audience. You can read about the event in an extract from their newsletter below.

2015-05 Philanthropy through Travel initiative - Orpheus Luxury Collection - 1

With Orpheus, you may reconcile luxury travel with philanthropy 

From its artistic-and culinary- aspect, the “Philanthropy through Travel Initiative” event that Georgia Nomikos, president of Orpheus Jets & Yachts-Orpheus Luxury Collection splashed April 29 in cooperation with and at the Press and Communications and Greek Tourist Organization premises was a smashing success. An impressive opening via the violin melodies of Maria Manoussakis dressed in a shimmering blue gown opened the program and after the introduction of Ms Nomikos by her associate Eleni, she proceeded with her remarks on the theme of the evening.

“Zeus Savior Nike” she exclaimed at the end of her speech as she turned the podium to the Consul General of Greece George Iliopoulos. His Excellency went on to extoll the virtues of this wrinkle of the Orpheus latest platform, adding his congratulations for the initiative and reminding the audience that philanthropy is a Greek word.

Next to speak was the Consul General of Cyprus, Ambassador Vassilios Philippou who lauded the initiative of setting aside a percentage of the earnings for the underprivileged. “Most of you know it is a wonderful destination” Tourist Organization’s articulated Grigoria Kammaterou who was the next speaker, offering her congratulations to Ms Nomikos. She was followed at the podium by Nikos Papakonstantinou, the outgoing Greek Press and Communications director, who recently retired and will be returning to Greece, who likened the exploits of traveling to those of Zorba’s.

“There is no part of the World that doesn’t need something” he verbalized. “Make this honorable project work,” he concluded. After several more speakers such as Ambassador Vraila of the Greek Mission to the United Nations and newly appointed Press and Communications director Lampros Kazis, the background of the Acropolis view on the screen gave way to a wonderful short “Journey through Times,” and a dancing vignette of a maiden impersonating goddess Athena performing a dance to appropriate music that handed Ms Kammaterou a crown.

It was now the turn of charitable organization representatives to make their case, and there were plenty of causes to speak about. One cause was a school built in an African nation and the need for funds to add a 5th grade. Malaika voiced the children in the short about the school, which translated from the Swahili means ‘Angel.’ The non-profit organization that helps singers had a live subject in Eleni Kalleris who sand several segments from classic music as well as a Greek song. Last to speak was Lorraine Cancro who spoke about her organizations project of providing, medication to treat 800,000 veterans. At this point Ms Manoussakis and an associate reenter and played a closing number with their violins.

Through this initiative offered by Orpheus the following options are extended to foundations, organizations and educational institutions: Exclusive itineraries that travelers will be able to contribute a percentage of their trip cost to the listed foundation/organization or educational institution of their choice. The program was concluded with a short starting with display of the luxury yachts and jets, going to the tourist aspect and ending with the culinary aspect of the Orpheus collection. At the conclusion of the program guests partook of a sumptuous buffet from Ethos 51.