Noella’s Trip to the Malaika School

A glimpse of my recent, incredible trip to our Malaika School in Kalebuka, DRC. We had more than 15 guests come to visit our programs and engage with our wonderful students and staff and see how community engagement and female empowerment can lead to a stronger village, country and continent.  Though we have impacted so many lives through Malaika, it is still always difficult to see, in the general population, so many kids still out of school, people with no access to healthcare or clean water and families sleeping on the floor. How can it be possible as we are in the heart of one of the richest provinces in the world in term of minerals, so many still have so little?  I hope to see replications of the Malaika School all over Africa to open doors for youth, create opportunities and agents of change for the continent.

A big thank you to Robert, my husband’s nephew, for volunteering with Malaika and creating this amazing video! You can watch it here.