Noella at the UN – Fighting Against Malaria

It was an honor to see Noella speaking about how we can end malaria at the Human Rights Council, held at the United Nations in Geneva recently. She represented both Malaika and the Global Fund, both of which have made efforts to reduce the prevalence of the disease that claims 400,000 people a year. Of total international financing against malaria, the Global Fund has provided 57% of funds and has invested $10.5 billion in control programs in addition to distributing more than 659 million mosquito nets since 2002.

The DR Congo has been greatly affected by the disease, accounting for 11% of all cases in sub-Saharan Africa. In an effort to lower these numbers, Malaika has distributed over 11,000 malaria nets and is working with local communities and health volunteers. Our recently completed infirmary will ensure that students receive any care they need, when they need it.

Thank you to the UN, the Global Fund, Red Cross, and the Organisation Interntional of Francophonie for prioritizing the alleviation of this great health burden.