Meet Jonathan Mboyo Esole

Jonathan is a Congolese mathematician working on the geometry of string theory. Trained around the world (College Boboto, ULB, Cambridge University, Leiden University, Stanford University, Harvard Math and Harvard Physics), he is currently Professor of Mathematics at Northeastern University after being a Benjamin Peirce Fellow at Harvard, working with Fields Medalist Shing-Tung Yau. Jonathan has solved important problems in mathematical physics and won several prestigious awards (Wiener-Anspach Fellowship, Ford Fellowship, Marie-Curie Fellowship, Benjamin Peirce Fellowship, NSF research grants). Jonathan was recently named a Next Einstein Fellow for 2017-2019, an award that celebrates the best young African scientists and technologists. Jonathan is a passionate advocate for African excellence in the sciences and African women’s access to education. Education in STEM is an absolute necessity to bring Africa to its full potential. We cannot do it without a special focus on our young girls and women. They are our hope and our future. They deserve the best of us, especially in the smallest villages of the Congo.