“Malaika is More Than a School, it’s a Family!”

We had the privilege of welcoming Marjorie Coestier, learning and development consultant for ART Computer, and Francois Latouche, primary school director of Lycée Français de Zurich, and who came to train our teachers on new methods in learning, reading, writing and mathematics and above all to implement the STEM system which will have to be put into operation as soon as possible next year.

Marjorie brought a robot named Thymio, from the Mobsya robotics company, to the school and taught the students how to configure the robot, while Francois led a capacity development workshop for our professors. We were very happy to have them witness the ways in which Malaika is transforming the lives of hundreds of young girls, as well as their families and neighbors. Our grassroots non-profit has profoundly impacted the village, and we were overjoyed to have Marjorie and François see just how we continue to grow as a communal heart of Kalebuka first hand. Read about their experiences here:

“When you arrive at MALAIKA School you quickly understand that it is more than a school, it is a family! This family is built around the same vision, empowered by Noella, of education for the benefit of all. Every day you can feel the strength of involvement every actor of this school is putting to keep their school community growing. You are then accepted as a family member and as such want to help the girls reach their ambitions and be actors of tomorrow in their country and abroad. Thank you to Malaika and see you soon!”
Marjorie Coestier

 “To share the life of Malaika is to participate in the building of a new world and to receive more than anything that has been given. Malaika offers all these girls, through a quality education, a future of which they can be the actresses. I have met such committed teachers who are eager to give the best to their students and well beyond that a team deeply committed to making this school a model to replicate in all the regions that need it. Such a project allows all these actors to feel like citizens of a world that we all want better. Malaika works daily in this direction. I went there for ten days to train teachers new pedagogical approaches, and I will return!”
François Latouche