Jonathan’s Story

Jonathon Mulongo, 14, loves playing sports with an ambition to one day become a famous soccer player. In 2008, Jonathon’s family were forced to move to a village called Kalebuka in search for better treatment for his severely ill mother.  It was here that Jonathon joined Kalebuka Football for Hope center where Jonathon found his love for playing football.

This is Jonathon’s story.

I was born one of 10 children to my father, Dieudonné Nkulu and mother, Jeannie Nkulu. I am the fourth child alongside 5 brothers and 4 sisters.

In 2008, my mother became severely ill and her illness could not be treated in our village. Therefore, my father moved to Likasi and my siblings and I were forced to stop our education. At the time, I was in grade 6 in primary school. I didn’t want to leave school however; it was something I had to do for my family.

In 2017, my family moved from Likasi to the Kalebuka village, near Lubumbashi. I really wanted to go back to school and continue my studies. I had heard about the Kalebuka Football for Hope center and decided to attend the literacy training and play soccer. I really enjoyed playing football and meeting new friends along the way.

Early before joining the center, robbers entered our home and took away everything from the house including money and all of our valuable possessions. Since that time, it has been difficult for my family to survive. However, I continue to remain positive and hopeful for my future, thanks to people at the center who motivate me to fulfil my dreams.

I make sure I’m never late or miss school. I work hard in class and take lead when playing soccer with my school mates. I love my teachers and coaches and I am proud to have been appointed the captain of the Malaika football team.

I am 14 years old and when I grow up, I want to be a famous soccer player.

By donating to the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center, you can help more children, like Jonathon, get the education, and future, they deserve. Each dollar makes a difference, changing students’ lives, building communities, and fuelling a generation of change-agents.