Introducing Antoinette

Hi, I’m Antoinette. I’m a student at Malaika and am 8 years old. My mom leaves for work in the field at 8AM and comes home at noon. My father works with bricks in a different neighborhood. I have an older sister and brother as well as a younger sister and brother. When I wake up, I go get water, take a cold shower (since we don’t have electricity), and put on my BELLE moisturizer. Then I put on my uniform, grab my bag, and head out to start the day. I walk with my friend Ariette, who also studies at Malaika. When I arrive at school, I play with my friends until the breakfast is ready (bread & tea). After breakfast, I go to the school meeting where they talk to us about diseases and different other things. Then school starts, and I study until 12:30 which is when I eat lunch and play. After that, I go back to studying until school is dismissed at 3PM. I walk home with Ariette while talking about school. When I get home, I take off my uniform and put on my home clothes. My mother sends me to my uncle’s shop to buy vegetable oil and then my family gathers for dinner. I like Malaika because I get to study.Antoinette Kashala Makila