English Enrichment

This past spring, our English program has become even stronger thanks to Natalie Louters who has generously donated her time. She has placed an emphasis on vocabulary enrichment so our students can become fluent with both verbal and written expressions. Natalie shared her experience, and she is overjoyed that the girls are so motivated and take personal initiatives to improve their skills. A big thank you to Natalie for her hard work, amazing attitude, and time! We are happy to have you as an indispensable member of our team.

“I wanted a language training program that would inspire students to relate to their environments with a multilingual curiosity as the Kalebuka community interact commonly in Kiswahili or French. Translating these different environments and activities into English is a way to make a connection between the English language and each student’s direct surroundings while including external English concepts. A typical English lesson is usually scenario-based and the approach allows students to reconcile their realities in an English context but most importantly with confidence. Incorporating fun activities like making ‘pronunciation puppets’ has given the students the opportunity to creatively explore English while developing skills in areas like reading and conversation.

I hope this experience has been as insightful for the students as it’s been for me!”