Celebrating 12 Years of Malaika’s IMPACT…in New York!

Last month, Noella travelled to New York to meet with fellow board members Alain Pakabomba and Sanjay Rawal, the US Malaika team, donors and friends to celebrate Malaika’s achievements, having grown from a school of only three classrooms to now educating 346 students. Malaika has also provides clean water to over 30,000 people and over 5,000 youth and adults with vocational and sports programs at our community center.

The day began with a board meeting where we made plans for the coming year while other Malaika team members from Boston, New York, Washington DC, England and the Democratic Republic of the Congo arrived for the event. Later in the day we welcomed guests to an intimate discussion with Noella, Country Manager Sarah Kalumba and moderator June Sarpong MBE. The event reflected on Malaika’s transformative achievements and our goals for the future. Eileen Walmsley, our strategic advisor, welcomed guests and led the introduction, while Megan Faunce, our program manager, highlighted our program. Last but certainly not least, Alain and CFO Adriana Henriquez reviewed our financials. We can’t thank our supporters enough for their commitment to girls’ education and Kalebuka’s rise!

“I had a great week in New York with Sarah, Noella and the entire Malaika team. It was fun catching up with each other and our Malaika supporters. We took advantage of all being in the same place to get even more work done and make plans for ensuring Malaika continues to provide support to the girls and community of Kalebuka for years to come.”

Megan Faunce