Back to School 2021

Our students are heading into the new school year ready to learn, to think, to innovate, to play and to take on the world.

Despite the difficulties of the last year and a half, our girls have continued to excel in their various fields, diving into ever-more advanced technologies, achieving in sports, embracing their creative sides and looking toward their futures. Read on about our latest news, our goals and our upcoming plans.

Malaika Wins Award!

Literacy has long been at the core of Malaika’s work both within our school and community center. We believe the ability to read is a basic but crucial skill to everyone in our community should have access. We were incredibly honored and proud, therefore, to win a World Literacy Foundation award last month! Read more about this amazing accomplishment here.

Growing Within and Moving Up

Since our foundation nearly 15 years ago, we’ve regularly increased our student body as capacity allows in order to impact more girls and send an even wider ripple throughout the Kalebuka community. We’re proud to now welcome 400 girls through our doors each day, girls who will teach the skills and knowledge they learn at school to siblings, neighbors and even parents. An educated woman is very likely to give back to her community, and we’re seeing this statistic become a reality through our students and their families.

As we grow our school, our first classes of students are quickly approaching graduation. We’re in the midst of establishing relationships with universities near and far, in order to gain a better understanding of how we can best prepare our students to pursue higher education. We’re also collaborating with nearby industry leaders in order to create internship opportunities in relevant, lucrative fields such as electrics and engineering. It’s very exciting to imagine our students’ future successes, and we’re laying the groundwork to allow them to pursue whatever paths they wish.

Change a Life, Empower a Village: Sponsor a Malaika Girl

We’re in the midst of a campaign to give more girls the incredible gift of an all-encompassing, accredited education that will propel them into a healthy, successful future, and we need your help. 

A sponsorship is an incredibly impactful action that will change a girl’s life without significantly impacting your budget. Whether you skip one dinner out each month or share the $65/month fee with 11 friends, you can be connected with your own student and follow her progress throughout the school year. 

Help us find sponsors for 10 new girls this year, so these incredibly driven, potential-filled young women can have the chance to choose their own lives, paths and future. Read more about the joys of sponsorship here, or sign up to sponsor a girl