A Visit from the Young Working Ladies

The Malaika girls took a break from the books and had the wonderful opportunity to attend workshops held by the Young Working Ladies, founded by Noella Kalambayi. Their goal is to empower young women through vocational and entrepreneurial training, emphasizing on a woman’s ability to discover her potential and impact the world. By preparing, informing, and training young women, they can transform into independent developers and leaders in society. The visit to the school was a big success as the students not only learned a lot but had fun too! Noella commented, “Malaika’s administration is well-organized, all the staff is friendly and kind, they know how to welcome people. We had everything we needed for training. The girls are amazing, very intelligent, polite, and well-trained. It was good to spend time with them; they inspire from their attitudes and ideas.”

A big thank you to Noella and her team for visiting and training the girls! Enjoy some photos below.