A Visit from Dr. Melanie

We were honored to have Dr. Melanie volunteering with us and chatting with girls. Not only does she educate the community about disease and health, she inspires the students to achieve their dreams. It is wonderful to see a fellow Congolese woman giving back to the community and sharing her skills. Only together can we hope to see a better future for the DRC. We love to see the dedication of our volunteers and Melanie is a huge part of our community and school.

She commented, First of all, I really appreciate Malaika’s initiative, which is doing a lot for this underprivileged community. I have always found pleasure in helping those who are lacking, but this time it went beyond what I thought. Not only did it help them deep down, but it helped me discover that I was able to inspire these children to become empowering women like myself. And that drives me to improve myself every day so that I can keep on giving them hope for a better future.”

A huge thank you to Dr. Melanie!