A new collaboration – Coaches Across Continents

As part of a new three-year partnership, we were delighted to welcome Coaches Across Continents (CAC) for ten days in Kalebuka.

Now running over 50 programs in 20 countries, CAC is a global leader in the sport for social impact movement. Partnering with local organizations, they use sport and recreation to focus on local issues such as female empowerment, gender equality, conflict resolution, health and wellness, HIV behavior change and other life skills.


Our teachers and local coaches were full of enthusiasm for the program, sharing their their thoughts on the sessions below, along with the CAC coaches:

“Malaika impressed me with the care and commitment they’ve shown to promoting children’s rights. Their dedication to the children in their area was incredible, and made my experience in Lubumbashi one of the most memorable of my trips.” James Wheaton – CAC

“In regards to changing young people’s lives for the better, Malaika has established itself as an efficient and powerful program for the youth of Lubumbashi. I have had the opportunity to work in 5 African countries and 15 programs and for me personally, Malaika ranks in the top 3 of all of these programs.” Charles Crawford – CAC

“The Malaika staff worked very well together and there was a positive group dynamic. I could tell that they were invested in the betterment of the community. Meeting with the Minister of Sport was a great experience as it showed Malaika’s investment in social change through sport.” Layla Joudeh – CAC

“The coaches who attended are extremely knowledgeable and committed and now, with the CAC curriculum, they can create real social change in Kalebuka and the surrounding areas through football.” Adam Burgess – CAC

“The games taught us that we must create an environment that boosts children’s self-esteem and gives them confidence. The children must feel comfortable speaking out about their ideas and not be afraid. This will make them productive in society.” Elvis Nshimba – Teacher

“Football has always been a most exciting sport. With the help of Coaches Across Continents, I learned that it can also be a socialization tool. Until now it has never been applied to forming leaders and resolving conflicts; to maintaining good health; or to strengthening character. It has really been a privilege for us to participate. CAC, thank you.” Sylvain Koj – Malaika Teacher

“The CAC coaches are at the best level. They bring an exceptional amount of confidence and know-how in their use of simple but very effective games.” Ilunga – Coach: Malaika FC

“These lessons have helped us to strengthen our capabilities and give help to those who have supported these foundations.” Rams Ramazani – Coach: Kalebuka Football for Hope Center