A Filmmakers’s Perspective on Malaika

We love meeting talented individuals who come from DRC and have become successful in their field, and we love them to exemplify to our girls what they can achieve. Joel Yawili was born in the DRC and moved to South Africa when he was 4 years old due to conflict in the nation. As an adult, he settled in the US, where he forged his way into New York’s tech industry by teaching himself how to code.

Today, Joel works for a large social media company and has recently found a passion for videography as a means to both convey his emotions and positively influence the world at large. We are so grateful to have such an inspiring and talented person create this video about the beauty and potential in the Congo and our work empowering a rural community through education and health programs. Take a look at this moving and visually stunning video created by Joel about the challenges and progress in DRC and about Malaika.

- A Filmmakers’s Perspective on Malaika