Your Graduating Class of 2017

Malaika is celebrating the hard work of our Grade 6 class, who have all passed the national test! Every Grade 6 class in the country has to take the national exam at the end of the school year. This is an opportunity to compare the education of all the schools in the DRC. The exam was taken in mid-June and we have just received the results. Out of the 30 girls in our Grade 6, all of them passed! We are extremely proud of their efforts and dedication.

This exceptionally high success rate shows that the education at the Malaika School is of the highest quality.

Also of note is that the exam occurred only 2 weeks after Lauriane, Louise and Mamie returned to Kalebuka from NY, after the Malaika10 event.  Louise actually scored highest of all the class, with 92% ! We can think of nothing more special on our 10-year anniversary than to celebrate our beautiful angels.

The girls will now all be passing on to Grade 7, starting secondary school in the fall. We look forward to welcoming them, and all of the 275 girls, back to the Malaika School in September.

Maguy, the girls’ teacher says, “I am so proud of them because they worked hard since the beginning of the year to make sure they were prepared for their exams. These girls reflect the image of Malaika wherever they go.”