Willy brings back new techniques from South Africa!

The manager of our Kalebuka Football for Hope Center, Willy Kyapi, recently attended a forum focusing on the administration of community-wide programs. The forum was held in South Africa and was organized by FIFA and streetfootballworld. Willy was thrilled to have the opportunity to travel and to learn new techniques that will help carry out his duties at the Center.

Willy shared his experience with us:

“I learned about measuring results, impact, success indicators, hypotheses, and more. We also learned about resource mobilization and of constantly asking how to make our processes better and more efficient. I concluded from this training that repetition and practice are the keys to making our processes here at the Center, such as lessons, student portfolios, and managing training schedules, as smooth as possible. The training sharpened my skills on everything from organization to speech delivery. I would like to thank all the facilitators who were at the conference, all of whom I admire very much.”