Welcome Our Three Advisors: Khaliah Ali Wertheimer, Jacob Wertheimer, and Jonathan Mboyo Esole

We could not be more honored and excited to announce our three newest additions to the Malaika team who will be working on our Advisory Board! Khaliah Ali Wertheimer, daughter of Muhammad Ali, is our second Goodwill Ambassador, alongside Grammy Award-winning artist Eve who joined in 2016. Her son Jacob Wertheimer joins as a Youth Ambassador, both of whom have been a part of Malaika since 2009 when they laid the first brick that would become the Malaika School.

Khaliah commented,

“I am honoured to accept the role of Goodwill Ambassador for Malaika in the spirit of being a mother and a woman. I believe we have power far greater than we utilise. Additionally, some of us are in charge of raising children and it is our responsibility to teach them to help others in need. We all have something to give back, no gift is too small. Educating our children is vital and necessary. Education is not a gift, it is an obligation. We have to stand up and insist no child be left behind.”

Her son Jacob Wertheimer said,

“It is time to realise that we all can make a difference. The things we believe to be insurmountable or impossible can happen. Malaika is here to light the way as a shining example of what is possible when people believe and work together. As Youth Ambassador, I want to be an example that you are never too young to make a difference.”

In addition, we are pleased to add a new member to our Advisory Board, Jonathan Mboyo Esole, a Harvard-educated mathematician, assistant professor at Northeastern University, and winner of the Next Einstein Fellow award. He is also working on developing a cutting-edge lab in Kalebuka which would bring STEM to surrounding communities in Africa.

Our deepest gratitude to Khaliah, Jacob, and Jonathan for being so dedicated and committed to a future of empowerment and change. We are excited to welcome you even more to the Malaika team and look forward to making a difference together!