Visits In and Visits Out

With the reopening of Malaika school after lockdown was lifted, our students have had several enriching visits. Not only did friends from supporting organizations come to learn about our programs on school grounds, but the girls also had the chance to go on a great field trip.

It was a thrilling and very educational experience for our students and staff to visit Caterpillar Inc and learn up close about various machines and operations. This was a chance to explore potential trainings for Malaika’s students in areas such as electricity, electromechanics and more. The boys and girls who came from our school and community center absolutely loved the opportunity to to drive giant trucks (in simulators, of course!)

We also hosted our friends from Caterpillar, who continue to support our girls and enable them to work toward their dreams. It was great to see them on their home turf and ours!