Tribute to Sabine and Nelly

We tragically lost two young members of the Kalebuka community last month.

We  were deeply saddened to hear the news that Sabine Kyabutembo, a young woman living in the village of Kalebuka and older sister to one of our students, died from complications caused after contracting an infection. She was always eager to help around the School, without expecting anything in return. At just 19 years of age Sabine surely had dreams. Sadly, Sabine will not see those hopes realized. An infection like Sabine’s should have been easily cured. In a country like DRC many preventable diseases go untreated only to become life threatening due to lack of access to medicine and healthcare services. Sabine’s death is just one more added to countless in the DRC that seems senseless in light of simple solutions that can put an end to such needless loss.

Preventable too was the sad loss of Mutombo Nelly, mother to one of our students Nyekoso, who died at the age of 30 of malaria.

These stories highlight the great need in the community for the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center which we are building in partnership with FIFA and Street Football World. The Center will bring much valued health care to the inhabitants of Kalebuka, serving as a base for sport, education, health and enterprise in the community.