Training to Teach

Though our staff yearned to be back at the front of their classes while school was closed, they stayed busy being students themselves. Among other professional development, these teachers took part in a training focused on psychology and leadership skills with Didier Marlier, managing partner at Enablers Network. 

The teachers were asked to share unique challenges they face on their own at work and in daily classroom situations, and Didier discussed ways they could cope with those difficulties.

He also worked with staff on management techniques, focusing especially on how to delegate tasks as leaders, time management and communication between Malaika’s international leadership and boards and local staff. 

“Our training with Didier Marlier was very important for me and has already created a significant change in my daily activities both as a program and evaluation manager and as a coach. I liked the most his teaching approach: asking us to express our needs and difficulties we encounter in our professional lives. I was the first to say my difficulties, and I was like a patient in front of his doctor. Didier was able to anticipate that understanding of what I was saying. I developed how to improve my communication to the team I’m working with, and from now on, delegating tasks to the team is no longer a big deal for me! I’m very grateful to Malaika for always giving us access to training we need the most,” says Programs and Evaluation Manager Elvis Nshimba

During school shutdown, the teachers took part in other in virtual trainings as well to increase their capacity and comprehension with several of our advisory board members, including Marjorie Coestier, Francois Latouche and Jonathan Mboyo Esole.

Our teachers, like our students, actively seek out opportunities to learn and grow. They want to be at the top of their craft so they can deliver the top-notch education our girls deserve. And as is the story with our students and their community, when one or two teachers have the change to improve, they share their new knowledge and skills with others, lifting up the staff as a whole.