The Ripple Effect: Why Rosie Sponsors

“Every human being on our planet deserves an education, and it is a great honour to be able to help in a very small way to make that happen,” says Malaika advisory board member and sponsor Rosie Rafferty.

“I’ve been sponsoring Carmelie for a few years now and will make sure I can carry on doing so until she finishes her education. I know by helping Carmelie get a good education she will be able to help her family and others when she is older so there is a ripple effect. What Malaika provides for children is not just a great education but also healthcare, food, clothing and a safe and nurturing environment.

The school is run by an excellent dedicated team, and I know every penny I give is spent on helping the girls achieve their dreams and potential.”

Rosie loves the wide impact she knows she is making through her sponsorship and believes others should follow suite.

“There are still many girls at the school who need sponsors so if you are in a position to help and make a difference please do!” To sponsor and become connected with your own girl, email us at or donate here today.