Thandie Newton to Host Malaika Speaks! webinar

Malaika Speaks! third and final webinar of the series is happening Friday, July 10 at 10am NYC / 3pm London time!

This time, our students, staff and community members will have the opportunity to speak directly from their hearts into the homes of Malaika supporters and friends, hosted by actress Thandie Newton, OBE!

During this session, in addition to meeting more amazing students, you’ll learn about our community center from Program and Evaluation Manager Elvis Nshimba and meet Maman Therese, who as one of our first employees in DRC has seen Malaika grow from a big dream to the heart of the community it is today. You’ll also hear from Deborah, the first student we ever sponsored, Mama Christine, a beneficiary of our wells, and of course, our girls, including Abigael, Carole, Amida, Jocelyne, Joelle, Marceline, Josiane, Horselene, Frida and Esther, among others.  

For our students and staff, the opportunity to connect and share their stories online is truly special. 

We hope you can join in the last conversation on July 10. Free registration is required at

Can’t wait to see you there!