Teacher profile: Maguy

Our beautiful teacher Ms. Maguy Kasongo Zaina, teaching her class. Her smile and kind heart shines everyday. Our girls could not learn from a more inspirational woman.

Maguy attended the Institute Superieur des Techniques Medicales in Lubumbashi and has continued her education by attending many seminars in finance management, education in mathematics, and science, history of the school system, teaching languages, and education.

Maguy has many years of experience in the education field which includes teaching second grade, fourth grade and sixth grade, as well as working as a school principal.

She believes that the Malaika School is fighting for the future of DRC by working to eradicate children’s illiteracy. By teaching the girls, she hopes to make the girls feel a sense of responsibility for their futures and not feel inferior to their male peers. She wants to instill a sense of confidence in her students so that they dedicate themselves to improving their country. It is this feeling of empowerment that motivates her as she teaches the girls.