Video Highlights Amazing Collaboration at WEF20

We loved taking part in World Economic Forum 2020 in Davos last week! Noella joined amazing change makers from Global Fund, Global Citizen Forum and Salesforce in a series of important discussions surrounding the symbiotic power of education and healthcare in transforming lives.

Davos was an amazing opportunity for amazing women and leaders to join together for discussion and collaboration. Check out our brief video below, highlighting Malaika’s participation in #wef20.

It was so great to have the secretary general of UEFA Foundation for Children and CEO of Street Football World to join us at  our Davos event celebrating 13 years of Malaika’s impact in Democratic Republic of Congo.

At Malaika, football is a force for good, uniting people and empowering the community. We cannot thank these organizations enough for their partnership, and it was so special to be together in Davos to honor this collaboration.

Noella took part in Let’s Talk Davos at World Economic Forum today along with a panel full of other strong women. The talk centered on the stigmas and taboos surrounding women’s health.

We’re looking forward to all the productive and important conversations that will continue to come out of Davos.