Football For A Future

In parts of Democratic Republic of Congo, attending school is not a given. Cost, distance, and family obligations can prohibit students from gaining an education. Malaika’s Kalebuka Football For Hope Center, built in collaboration with FIFA and streetfootballworld, gives area youth and adults an opportunity they otherwise might not have to not only learn to read and write and take vocational courses and learn about healthy and equality through football and other sports programming- all for free.

The young men and women featured in this video now have hope for their own futures and their communities’ collective growth.


Malaika is excited to announce its acceptance as a member of streetfootballworld (sfw) network.  The Kalebuka Football for Hope Center joins a network of international organizations from sports institutions to private companies with the highest expertise in the field of “football for good”; those who are using the sport to drive social change. Both Malaika and sfw understand the power of partnerships and the quest to empower disadvantaged youth communities.  SFW provides a platform for exchange among members, promotes global communication and participation in local, regional and global events such as its streetfootball Festival which promotes young leaders and brings together the entire network in a multicultural experience to share knowledge and expertise.

This year Festival 16 is being hosted by Sport dans la Ville in Lyons, France from June 28th – July 7th during the official UEFA Euro 2016. Eighty delegations from around the world will unite to celebrate and raise awareness about football’s positive potentials.

We are very excited to join with streetfootballworld and welcome the many opportunities that lay ahead to improve upon the work in sport development that we are undertaking to shape the lives of youth in the DRC.