Philanthropic Ladies Unite At Davos

Noella represented Malaika at British Vogue’s Forces for Change Nightcap with Vanessa Kingori, the magazine’s publishing director, and Natalia Vodianova, philanthropist and co-founder of Elbi (a wonderful organization that’s supporting Malaika).

The event took place at the World Economic Forum in Davos and was a great opportunity for these change making, strong female leaders to communicate and collaborate. 


Noella loves to speak individually with as many students as possible when she is in country. In this video, she interviews one of our girls in order to get to know her a bit better. We’ve summarized this interaction in English so you can learn about this lovely young woman as well.

Meet beautiful Alfonsine. She has been a student for eight years at Malaika. Her teacher is Alain and she loves French, math and English. Her friend is Gabriela, and her favorite dish is rice and beans (just like Noella!). 

We’re excited to announce that Noella will be a speaker at World Football Summit in Durban, South Africa, on March 17-18. Sport is a great tool to fight stigmas all around the world, and Malaika applies this belief through programming at Kalebuka Football for Hope Center. Through sports, we can educate the young generation of future leaders. We’re looking forward to everything that will come out of this summit.