Hope from a school north of London

This month, Noella had the pleasure of visiting Grange Park Primary School in Sunderland, located 4 hours north of London. She went with the intention of seeing how the school educates its students and discussing the possibility of partnering with them. Grange Park serves a very underprivileged area but even though the income levels of the students’ families are low – their spirits and grades are high. The students’ grades are remarkably high and the school is ranked as one of the top 8 schools in England. The children partake in extra-curricular activities and languages and enjoy a broad curriculum. Many of the Malaika School’s ethos are represented and Noella knew right away that creating a partnership between Grange Park and the Malaika School would be a special opportunity. Keep up with Malaika and find out how this new bond between the Democratic Republic of Congo and England unfolds.