The Path to Malaika

We were proud to see Noella featured among 31 women on TV5monde talking about the path that led her to Malaika as part of Femmes d’Afrique en Action (African Women in Action). This feature celebrated Women’s Day throughout the month of March with an episode highlighting a different female role model leading change in Africa every day. 

These portraits feature entrepreneurs and role models who are leading change in communities and economies in Africa, and Noella was honored to be counted among these amazing ladies. Noella shares her story and how it has helped mold Malaika into the multifaceted educational, agricultural and community improvement center it is today. At Malaika, we believe in the empowering girls who will become the strong female leaders of tomorrow, and we lift up women everywhere throughout the world. Watch Noella’s episode below!

March is Women’s History Month, highlighting contributions to events in history and contemporary society. March 8th is International Women’s Day, celebrating achievements throughout history and across nations.  The doors to the inaugural kindergarten and first grade class opened in 2011 at Malaika, in Kalebuka, so we declare every day from here on in to be women’s day in the village, and honor the brave girls who are the first in their families to receive a formal education, and their confident, spirited mothers and neighbors who are acquiring new skills like reading, sports and sewing.


It’s no coincidence Noella and Eve, singer and actress, landed at Malaika this week because there is lots to celebrate. School can now accommodate 231 students through fifth grade, and with newly installed solar panels, the computer room and library are almost completed. Electricity will be steady and more efficient.

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The Vodacom E-library is one for the history books: Inauguration is on Friday March 11th. The library will provide access to digital and printed reading materials for an entire community. Every day is special for the girls because they are fortunate to be able to get an education. Friday will be a magnanimous day for both the students and the villagers. Several guests will witness this monumental unveiling, and opera singer Serge Kakudji will lead the girls in song. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for live updates!