Phase2: Drop Malaria Project in Kalebuka, DR Congo

Malaria is a deadly disease in D.R. Congo.  Malaika warmly welcomed Joe Downes of Grassroots Soccer (GRS) to Kalebuka to continue into phase 2 of the Drop Malaria Project which took place in  classrooms and on the ball field.

Joe Downes

Joe Downes



The Drop Malaria Workshop is based on the Drop Malaria Project which works to raise awareness about the prevention of Malaria in the community of Kalebuka through sensitization sessions, distribution of nets and workshops.The main objective of the project is to reduce the prevalence of Malaria in the community.

Grassroot Soccer (GRS) is among one of the organizations that has an elaborated curriculum (SKILLZ Malaria) in different countries that uses football (soccer) to teach about the prevention of malaria.

We brought together coaches from around Kalebuka to participate in the workshops as they will teach the youth that they train what they learned. In the group, we also have local leaders and women that will also participate in raising awareness. Members learned about the importance of teamwork, respecting leaders and how to seek medical assistance if necessary.



Malaria affects both the young, the old, and the pregnant women of Democratic Republic of Congo. We’re hoping through awareness education and mosquito net distribution it is the beginning of the end of this preventable disease. To find out more about Malaika’s mission to empower through education initiatives, visit our web site