Concert and Fundraiser at Gloucester Cathedral

Everyone who came out to see Show Of Hands and raise money for Malaika at Gloucester Cathedral had an amazing time at the event in Gloucester, England. “The lighting, the sound, the venue were so good” says Noella Coursaris Musunka, founder of the organization. With nearly 500 people in the room, the British folk duo put on a beautiful performance and presence. The guests were touched by the priest’s prayer for Malaika.

Andrew Marshall, a long time supporter of the foundation, initiated and organized the concert. Andrew’s parents left funds for Andrew to prepare the event as they knew how much he loves Malaika. Malaika’s volunteers were terrific, helping with brochures and posters.

The English supporters are looking forward to Vonda Shepard’s concert in the fall, thanks to Andrew.

Do you have fundraising ideas to support our mission? The Malaika community would like to hear from you. Please email us at and we can provide marketing support and materials for your event.

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