GIS Day 2015 – learning about geography

When one of our teachers, Bertin, heard about GIS Day, he wanted to plan a special Geography lesson for our school.

GIS Day encourages geospatial thinking and provides a means for people to come together on a global scale in order to learn about geographic information systems (GIS) technology and how maps are used.

Given that our supporters visit the Malaika School from across the globe, our students are naturally interested in geography and their role as global citizens.

GIS Day 2015 - 2

Normal classes were suspended for the afternoon and the whole school attended a screening of Around the World in 80 Days (2004 version), so that the girls could enjoy its depiction of different countries and cultures.

GIS Day 2015 - 3

Bertin then led a discussion about geography and the girls had the opportunity to study maps and ecosystems. Afterwards there were games and competitions, as the girls matched countries to their continents, discovered the largest and most populated countries in Africa, the highest mountain, etc.

GIS Day 2015 - 6GIS Day 2015 - 7

At the end, the girls were presented with GIS pencils, generously donated by Esri, which coordinates GIS Day around the world.

GIS Day 2015 - 8

Thank you GIS Day and Bertin!